Realization and Implementation

Realization and implementation: individual and organizational

All development measures in sales trigger change processes – with the individual as well as with the sales organization itself. After the workshops the sales reps should change or optimize their own sales behavior. But also the sales management should be able to demand, apply and coach the sales methods taught to the sales reps. A clear sales leadership will assure that the investment made into sales development will create positive results in the heads of the sales individuals as well as in the sales organization.

Implementation Measures:

  • Reviews of portfolio plan, opportunities, accounts and negotiations
  • Sales coaching for sales managers (systemic coaching and sales coaching combined)
  • Sales coaching for sales people (systemic and sales)
  • „Shadowing“: Accompanying sales people on their sales calls
  • Sales management and leadership workshops

Leadership Workshops for Sales Managers

  • Leading vs. managing
  • Leadership principles and code of conduct
  • Leading sales people along the sales methodologies taught
  • Compliance in sales
  • Role definitions: Sales people and sales management
  • Expectation management
  • Identification with roles, tasks and objectives
  • Commitment: engagement, satisfaction and authenticit
  • Take over responsibility for the results
  • Solution orientation vs. problem orientation
  • Trust as the basis of all success in leading and dealing with customers
  • Situational leadership: Leadership styles
  • Leadership tools: Formulating SMART objectives, giving feedback, expressing criticism, praising people, delegating and structure business conversations.
  • Handling conflicts
  • Managing escalations